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Recent Projects

students singing


SSA recently added a new playground, sports court, and mural to the Main Campus, and a new preschool playground to the Amiel Early Childhood Centre.
Our school yard has recently been enhanced with a play structure designed specifically for 3 to 5 year olds.
The new sports court features a basketball court, soccer, champ, and hopscotch areas, all designed with a special, non-slip surface. The mural showcases with pride the values of the Academy.


We are proud to share the latest addition to SSA's SMART Floor music curriculum: the piano program!
Learning the piano helps to build self-confidence, enhances complex reasoning, develops music appreciation, and focuses listening skills.
We look forward to seeing our students in Grades 1, 3, and 5 express themselves and grow, through this new musical outlet!


SSA Grade 6 students are the first to discover our new SMART Floor robotics kits! This major upgrade was made possible thanks to the generosity of parents and donors to our annual giving campaign.



LED Lighting

Each year, our SSA families make a gift to the Building Fund to help improve our facilities. We are proud to announce that SSA upgraded all traditional lighting throughout the school to LEDs.
In addition to improved energy efficiency, cost savings, and the reduction of CO2 emissions, LEDs are much easier on the eyes than fluorescents. This investment will help our students and teachers perform better, improving focus and learning in class and around the Academy.