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A Message from our President

students singing
A Message from SSA President, Steven Karachinsky

My family joined SSA 10 years ago and I’m still amazed by the lifelong passion that parents, alumni and friends have for our academy. It is truly a “parent-led” school and what’s most special is how the connections created at SSA are maintained and vibrant throughout our whole lives.

While SSA is successfully navigating the global pandemic, digital transformation, and the evolving needs of its teachers, the cost of delivering on our mission and maintaining our high standards continues to grow. The education landscape has changed significantly along with the needs and wants of our families; we need to think differently and be bolder to continue delivering excellence to our children, the future of Montreal’s Jewish community.

I believe that philanthropy can make a tremendous difference for Solomon Schechter Academy – by giving, we ensure that we control our own destiny and set our course to lead our community for the next century.

I am honoured to be a part of the SSA community and this important campaign, and I hope you will be equally inspired to think bigger with us. When we come together in support of SSA, our teachers, our services and our facilities, the possibilities for impact are limitless. Your philanthropic partnership can truly help us build a better future, one that is sustainable, healthy and just—not just for some, but for all.

Your gift, no matter the size, is extremely appreciated. It will be put to great use — and it will make a difference. On behalf of the entire academy, I invite you to join us in leading the way.