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About Us

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The Solomon Schechter Academy Children’s Foundation is proud to support education through donations to Solomon Schechter Academy and other charities serving the Jewish community.

The Solomon Schechter Academy Children’s Foundation partners with inspired members of the community to implement a variety of fundraising initiatives that will directly benefit and impact the students at Solomon Schechter Academy and its community partners.

We aim to preserve and strengthen the rich history of continued academic excellence and successes of students present and past of Solomon Schechter Academy. The Solomon Schechter Academy Children’s Foundation works closely with the Academy to identify and support projects that require funding through annual and capital campaigns.


Development Committee

Melissa Assaraf

Mother of SSA students Charlie, Katie, Max, and Leo
"Our children spend more time at school than they do at home. In order for them to get the best education, facilities, and technology, we, as a parent community, need to unite and give back. This helps to ensure that SSA continues to be the leading Jewish day school for many generations to come."

Elisa Dahan

Mother of SSA students Rafael, Jacob, and Nathan ’21
“Giving to SSA is important to me because it is an investment in our kid's future, ensuring them to have the necessary tools so they are strong, capable and successful. As parents, we have a duty to contribute to the next generation.”

Joshua Fisher

Father of SSA students Scarlett, Romy, and Parker
“We are grateful to be able to assist in the funding of exceptional initiatives, facilities, and innovation for SSA, our partner in the education and emotional development of our children and their peers at this critical stage.”

Philip Kakon

Father of SSA students Billie, Charlotte, and incoming student Thomas
“Knowing that the donations we give have a direct impact on the enhancement of the school’s infrastructure and the development of our children’s education, is what makes it more than important to give a “Gift” to SSA!”

Steven Karachinsky

Father of SSA students Ella, Presley, and Mila ’20
“Dr. Hamerman shared a thought with me many years ago that has always remained top of mind; “the roots of any community are its schools”. Tara and I deeply believe in the importance and value of Jewish education and want to help ensure the success and vibrancy of SSA and our community for another 50 years.”

Robbie Peck

Father of SSA students Madison, Levi, and Miller
“Supporting and strengthening our Jewish elementary schools, like SSA, will ensure our Montreal Jewish Community remains strong long-term and full of future dynamic leaders.”

Karina Roskies

Mother of SSA student Jordyn, and incoming student Tori
“As a proud alumnus of SSA, my only hope is that my children have the same wonderful rich experiences that I had at SSA. I am forever grateful to my past teachers and administrators, who impressed upon me the confidence (thank you for all those model seders and chagigot) to excel academically and instill in me the core values of Tikkun Olam and the significance of Community. Our family will be supporting SSA to ensure that every opportunity is afforded to the current students of the Academy.”

Andrew Schwartz

Father of SSA students Eve, Leigh, and incoming students Bo and David
“We want to support SSA because there is literally no other place where our children spend more of their time. Our gift to SSA is a meaningful way for us to spend on our children and to enhance their learning and growth.”

Board of Directors

Steven Karachinsky

Titles: President

Hélène Bussières

Titles: Vice-President

Harold Scharf

Titles: Treasurer

Jason Fellen

Titles: Director

Daniel Rosenfeld

Titles: Director

Richard Schnurbach

Titles: Director

Jody Shugar

Titles: Director