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Robbie Peck

Vice President:

Melanie Weinstock


Vanessa Hadida
Board of Directors:
Jonathan Afilalo
Odelia Borten
Warren Cola

Melissa Daniel

Joshua Fisher
Jackie Kirstein
Julien Marais
Mike Nehemia
David Nemes
Stephen Rabinovitch
Karina Roskies
Rena Rozenek
Ellen Schreter
Zev Zelman

Head of School:

Steven Erdelyi

Assistant Head of School:

Julie Schneider


Maya Doughan

Head of School Emeritus:

Shimshon Hamerman

Principal Emeritus:

Rosa Finestone

Standing Committees Of The Board Of Trustees


  • Assists the President in setting and managing the annual and monthly agendas for meetings of the Board of Trustees in accordance with the strategic priorities of the school.
  • Meets approximately 10 times per year.
  • Limited to the President, the Vice-President and the Treasurer.

Real Estate

Oversees, reports on and makes recommendations concerning the long term operation and maintenance of the school’s facilities and grounds and major capital expenditures. Background in real estate management, construction, architecture, or engineering is an asset. Number of meetings varies depending on the construction project in place.

Home and School Association

The Home and School Association is dedicated to the enhancement of academic, social, cultural and recreational programs of the Academy. It is run entirely by parent volunteers providing services and/or event planning for the school community as a whole.

Finance & Audit

Acts in cooperation with the Head of School and Director of Finance and Operations to oversee the operational finances of the school. Reports on the overall management and supervision of the financial affairs of SSA. Prepares the annual budget and reviews budget updates, oversees all investments of the school, reviews and advises Board to approve financial statements and interacts with auditors. Background in accounting, finance, or business is an asset. Meets approximately 6 times per year.

Human Resources

To develop and implement HR processes, procedures and documents such as a performance review process, contract templates and HR policies and to assist the Head of School in managing legal and human resources matters. Meets approximately 6-10 times per year.

Committees reporting to the Head of School; Steven Erdelyi


The Development Committee works together with the administration to actively cultivate and solicit donors, and to provide input on fundraising strategies, in order to realize the Academy’s annual fundraising goal. The committee includes parents, grandparents, and friends of the Academy and meets approximately once per month and more frequently during the annual campaign.

Information Technology

The committee identifies opportunities and makes recommendations concerning major hardware and software acquisitions to support SSA’s leadership position in digital transformation and remote learning. Meets 4 to 6 times per year.

Parent Advisory Committee 

The Amiel Early Childhood Centre has a Parent Advisory Committee that works in conjunction with the Director of Early Childhood Education to better the experience of the children and the parents in our school. P.A.C. fulfills the government’s requirements, provides a place for parents to be involved, and makes our preschool shine. Must have a child in Junior Pre-K or Pre-K.

Head of School Advisory

Provides support, advice, and recommendations to the Head of School and to his team on matters that are brought before this committee. Please note that this committee does not advise on curriculum.

Medical Advisory

Provides medical advice to the Board, and Administration on medical issues brought to the committee’s attention. Members should be physicians, nurses, or lawyers. The committee meets as frequently as needed.

Risk & Safety

Reviews policies and procedures of the school. Makes recommendations concerning program and equipment needs to ensure the safety and security of both the children and staff. Members should be professionals with proven experience in risk and safety management.